Project Page for CS4496, instructor Jarek Rossignac.

Team Members:
Christopher Choyce
David Spain
Project P1:
  1. P1a - Creating Curves.
  2. P1b - Smoothing and Event Subdivision.
  3. P1c - Interpolation, Road editor and Car Animations.
  4. P1d - Demolishion Derby: Accident Re-creation at it's finest.
Feature List:
  • Up to 6 cars worth of fun filled action!
  • Linear, Bezier and Curve interpolation modes.
  • Bezier speed interpolation on our twist/curves.
  • Each car can have up to 7 key frames (and each key frame can independently use 1 of our 3 interpolation modes)
  • Loading and saving of accident scenes; fun for the whole family!
  • 6 pre-loaded crash scenes with 2 built in prevention methods (more details within our project page).
  • Collision detection via 4 ray to edge detections per car (n^2 algorithm) [extra credit]
  • Sound effects and an original background score! (production work by Chris Choyce) [extra credit]
  • Tire smoke from squealing tires during fast paced action! [extra credit/for fun!]
  • Basic Road editor included as well.
All this for 9.95 FREE! (for a limited time only, so act NOW!)

View our presentation slides.