Because not everything is about coding.

Quick Background:

  • BA in Computer Science, Georgia Tech
  • Work full time doing ASP.NET and PHP application development.
  • Web 2.0 Savy.
  • Flash/Actionscript Ready.
  • Looking for mostly smaller design based jobs to keep my skills sharp.


Recent Design Work

Older Design/Development Work

  • ISC Executive Search
    • Fully functional content management site. Client want a clean, yet exciting site that he would be able to fully control the content of the site.
    • Year: 2004
    • Techonology: ASP, MsAccess, DHTML, ASP .NET
    • Graphics: Interface in Photoshop, Flash aquired elsewhere
  • JIVE Magazine
    • Entertenment magazine dedicated to music, games, movies and much more. Created a multi-tierd system allowing multiple users to add articles and postings to the site. Everything is out through a moderation queue and is seemlessly integrated into website itself, so there is no need to hastle the users with an admin control panel. JIVE was worried about slander/spamming, so the administrators have full control over everything added to the site.
    • Year: 2003-2004
    • Techonology: PHP, MySQL, vBulletin Forum
    • Graphics: CSS
  • New England Center for Headache
    • The New England Center for Headache is one of the top Headache clinics in the nation. I provided a custom database driven website allowing them to fully administer the site’s content and data without needing any knowledge of HTML. A permission based system is built in to allow certain members of their staff to administer different portions of the website. Functionality includes news and event postings, content management, staff listings and details, online survey and question/answer tool for FAQs and other uses they might need.
    • Year: 2004
    • Techonology: ASP, MS Access, DHTML
    • Graphics: Interface in Photostop, CSS
  • STARE Magazine
    • STARE Magazine is a fully comprehensive online modeling magazine written from scratch in ASP. The site is fully administered via a web based control panel and runs without need of constant assistance. Functionality includes: content management, secure credit card transactions (integrated with Bank of America’s EShop), recurring subscriptions, and a shopping cart for merchandise. The site is broken down into montly issues and each issue’s content gets automatically released on a daily basis. The SQL Server database is very efficient and handles the data for many different sites with the Soopermodels Network.
    • Year: 2002-2004
    • Techonology: ASP, ASP .NET, DHTML, SQL Server
    • Graphics: Interface in Photostop, CSS
More examples are available upon request.

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