RESUME: Christopher Choyce

Skill Set
Programming: ASP, ASP .NET, JSP, PHP, Java, C#, C
Database: SQL Server (DTS, Store Procedures, Triggers, Indexing) Oracle, MySQL, ACCESS
Web Based: HTML, Javascript, DHTML, CSS
Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Entiprise Manager, Query Analyzer, MS Office, Visual Studio, Visual Studio .NET

Educational Experience
[1998 - 2003] Computer Science Major, Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, GA)
Member of Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity (Treasurer, Social Chair)
Publicity Chair for Homecoming 2000 and Greekweek 2001.
[1994 - 1998] Graduated Wilton High School (Wilton, Ct)

Professional Experience
[2002 - 2004] Self Employed - Decatur, GA
Various custom database solutions and content management applications.

[2002 - 2004] Bizography - Norcross, GA
Contract work for web development firm. Work entails ecommerce sites, custom database solutions, content management and other customer ASP/.NET applications

[2003 - 2003] Acuity, Inc - Decatur, GA
Contract work for media marketing firm. Work entails mostly content management and smaller web based applications.

[2001 - 2003] Soopermodels Productions - Smyrna, GA
Webmaster/Technical Contact. Server administration, website and database development.

[1999 - 2002] Objectware, Inc - Norcross, GA
Worked full and part time while attending Georgia Tech. Left on own terms to pursue school and independent ventures
  • ASP and ASP .NET development.
  • SQL Server and MSACCESS database design, implementation and programming.
  • Project management and training new staff members.
  • Graphic design and interface work
  • Client Side Javascripting, DHTML and CSS

  • [1997 - 1999] Webquill Internet Services, LCC - Norwalk, CT
    Dial up ISP phone support. Ecommerce development and HTML development. Helped transition from 28.8 to 56k X2 service.